Looking Backward: Top Syndicated Articles from repubHub by Page Views, Month by Month for 2017

Posted on Jan 08, 2018
By Andrew Elston

Looking back at the news this past year it’s no surprise that Trump and those who surround him accounted for many of the most syndicated articles from repubHub in 2017, but it is interesting that women in Trump’s administration were the subjects of interest, not Trump himself, in five months.

It was refreshing to see that subjects other than Trump rose to the top in popularity. The generosity of Rick Steves, as reported by Good News Network, was one of the most viewed articles of 2017.  

The most-viewed article of the year was a bittersweet November piece by International Business Times reporting on the viral nature of an AFP photo of deported Mexicans who had served the U.S. in combat in Vietnam and Iraq, saluting the U.S. flag, although the original article by AFP (also available for syndication from repubHub) was covering a protest march against the Trump administration on Veteran’s Day in Mexico.

January: Penthouse Might Have Proof of Russian Golden Shower Gate, International Business Times, Jan. 13.

February: Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway? Crooks & Liars, Feb. 20.

March: Melania Trump’s Being Asked to Leave the Big Apple, International Business Times, Mar. 28.

April: Rick Steves Sacrifices Nest Egg to House Homeless Women and Kids, Good News Network, Apr. 18.

May: Where in the World is Melania Trump? Newsweek, May 14.

June: Following a Contentious Interview, Kellyanne Conway is Ready to See an NBC News Anchor and Others Fired, Rare, June 5.

July: Creationists Sell Christian Theme Park to Themselves to Avoid $700,000 in Taxes, International Business Times, July 19.

August: What Will Obama Do Next? Newsweek, Aug. 12.

September: Judge Denies NFL Stay Request in Elliott Case, The Sports Xchange, Sept. 18

October: Trump Wanted to Rename America’s Biggest Mountain, Newsweek, Oct. 23.

November: Photo of Deported Veterans Saluting U.S. Flag Goes Viral, International Business Times, Nov. 12.  (The original reporting and photo from AFP is also noteworthy as the source of this article.)

December:  An Old Tweet Returns to Haunt Sara Sanders, International Business Times, Dec. 4.

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