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Is Third-Party Content Right for Your Website? 7 Questions to Help You Decide

Posted on Apr 16, 2014
By Ellie Becker

Is it an ongoing challenge to meet your content needs?

If so, a content curation and republishing strategy may be a solution worth considering.

A Marketplace for Third-Party Content

Our marketplace for third-party content includes a database of 9 million articles, and more than 3,000 new articles a day from some of the world’s leading publishers.

It's a great place to discover and republish fresh news (and often older “evergreen” feature articles) of interest to your readers. Most of the content can be published as a free embed, with options for other license types.

4 Online Content Strategies for Financial Publishers

Posted on Mar 05, 2014
By Ellie Becker

There’s more to financial publishing than keeping up with the financial markets.

The key is meeting the unique needs of your audience. Some readers seek news and ticker symbol updates -- others may be seeking deeper insights or investing education.

But one thing all financial publishers have in common: a constant demand for relevant content. 

How can you keep up with online content demands and maximize your content resources? Here are a few strategies to help you grow your readership, increase existing production capabilities, and lower costs.

The Overworked Editor: Could a New Content Strategy Make This a Thing of the Past?

Posted on Feb 18, 2014
By Ellie Becker

It’s 4 a.m. and your blurry eyes strain to finalize your content strategy for the week, or the content for that day. Sound familiar?

While lots of professionals are challenged with wearing many hats, like most editors we know, you take it all in stride. You maintain laser focus to put out the news while maintaining the highest standards, even as you have to stretch your resources further to do so. 

Still, that 4 a.m. alarm is getting OLD. Today, you deserve a break.

When Content Is King, A New Strategy Is Needed

The Huffington Post publishes a story every 58 seconds. That’s as many as 2,000 pieces a day. (Digiday)

Their readers demand a constant stream of content, and their editors can crank it out because they have the resources to do so – cadres of writers and contributors, some paid, many not.

Your readers are also hungry for intelligent content. They rely on you to inspire them, and serve their need for knowledge. And if you could deliver the right content more frequently than you do now, your readers would probably be thrilled.

At this point, you’re glancing over your shoulder for the team of writers, editors, fact checkers and support staff that you’d need to seriously up production. Oh, right. It’s just your overworked team.

How can you do more, with limited resources? The answer is almost always: be more resourceful and efficient.

How Republishing and Content Syndication Create Value for a Financial Online Publisher

Posted on Feb 11, 2014
By Ellie Becker

Financial journalist and former equity analyst Jacob Wolinsky became an online publisher, editor and entrepreneur in January 2010 when he launched ValueWalk.com, a news website for value investors. When he began, it was just him.

Today, the site is considered one of the top 50 investing blogs by The Daily Reckoning. It attracts 4 million visits per month – 2 million unique visitors. ValueWalk has been included in Bloomberg’s Terminal VIP Twitter list, has been named a must-follow for fundamental investors by Stocktwits, and a must-follow by Business Insider in 2012 and in 2013.

Its focus has expanded. While the site is a go-to resource for value investors, it now also covers Wall Street news especially hedge funds. Now Wolinsky, who serves as editor-in-chief -- as well as chief dish and bottle washer -- is joined by a chief technolo­­gy officer, several full time writers, and a cadre of expert content contributors. He is in the process of building a small staff in the company’s New Jersey based office.

How to Transform a Niche Website into an Essential Information Portal

Posted on Feb 06, 2014
By Ellie Becker

A niche website based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada is quickly becoming an important source of information for the Aboriginal – or indigenous -- peoples of North America.

Ahki.co began serving the Inuit, Metis and First Nations tribes in March of 2013 with news specific to their interests, a job board and an Aboriginal arts and products online marketplace.

Less than one year later, the site’s founder, EJ Magiskan, has launched a shiny, new WordPress website to better serve its communities. The site now provides a far broader range of news on national and global, as well as local, topics.

In our latest Publisher Spotlight, the founder and publisher explains how this expanded focus and popularity is due in large measure to his discovery of repubHub.

Brand Journalism: Where to Find the Perfect Story?

Posted on Jan 22, 2014
By Ellie Becker

Every online editor, blogger or content marketer has encountered that uncomfortable moment when it’s time to publish, and there are no “ready-to-go” stories in the content queue.

Maybe your freelance writer didn’t finish a rewrite in time… or there’s a newsworthy topic to cover, and no one has time to write a fresh post. Whatever the reason, compromising your publishing schedule isn’t an option.

You need just the right content for your niche. What to do?

In this "Publisher Spotlight", we meet a content marketing team faced this exact dilemma for their business blog. Could they use a content portal to find just the right story?

The courage to curate: Share others’ articles for content marketing boost

Posted on Nov 14, 2013
By Ellie Becker

The benefits will give you the courage to curate content!

At the heart of our content marketing strategies, we all strive to create remarkable content that will be useful to our audiences and worthy of sharing.

But we all have to face the fact that – under pressure to create a continuous flow of new material -- not all of the content we create meets that standard.

Better Content, Less Noise

As consumers of content, more often than not we find ourselves digging through a lot of unhelpful posts to get to a few golden nuggets of info.

As Mitch Joel says, there is way too much noise out there, and mediocre brand content just gets lost.

The Evolution of Digital Media is Speeding Up. What about Digital Content?

Posted on Aug 11, 2013
By Ellie Becker

Media business disruption is old news.

Last week, the collision of old media and new tech (Washington Post, Amazon) brought the issue front and center.

What are the lessons for online publishers of digital content?

Which Content Has Real Value that Can Be Monetized?

There’s an old saying that consumers vote with their wallets. In the case of digital media, consumers vote with their eyeballs.

As more content competes for the same number of eyeballs, consumers expect to pay less … or nothing … for the content they consume online. That’s simple economics, which is reflected in the falling ad revenues of online publications.

Interactive copyright symbol: The 21st century monetization tool for content creators

Posted on Jul 25, 2013
By Ellie Becker

It’s more difficult than ever for musicians, photographers, writers and other content creators to thrive in our online economy. 

That’s because a culture of “free” has taken root, depriving the creative class of the fruits of its labors.

The traditional copyright symbol may put users on notice, but hasn’t really offered protection for online content, which is so easily copied and reused.

Plus, it does nothing to express to the world the unique value of a piece of content beyond asserting a creator’s rights in the work.

How to make your blog content theft-worthy

Posted on Jun 30, 2013
By Ellie Becker

We’re going to clear up the title of this post right off the bat. It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, of course.

A company devoted to promoting respectful use of copyrighted content and protecting digital content from piracy certainly isn’t going to advocate for content theft.

However, since it’s usually the best written, most useful content that gets stolen – or licensed and syndicated for that matter – we thought we’d devote a post to what makes for a good blog read.

And we can help you prevent or deal with any pirates who turn up.

Here are a few tips.