5 Content Republishing Tips for Your Marketing Department

Posted on Oct 24, 2014
By Andrew Elston

Do you need to create more content, but just don’t have enough time or resources? It’s a common problem, especially for small teams. We have a solution for you: republishing relevant content. It’s an efficient way to keep your followers engaged while saving your team time.

To help your marketing department make the most of their content and content republishing strategy, here are 5 content republishing tips for you and your team:

1. Relevance: What is going to be relevant for your current and future followers? Be sure to align your buyer personas with your content republishing strategy. This will enable you to make sure you are talking to all of your relevant target audiences. But don’t be afraid to experiment with content that’s just a bit outside your usual range. People like to be surprised. See #5.

2. Timeliness: When you focus on content republishing as part of your content strategy, it should be relevant to both time and place. Make sure to stay up-to-date on what is relevant to your audience so you are republishing content that is timely for them based on when they are searching. Our repubHub portal lets you track topics and get feeds and email alerts when fresh content is available—daily or as the news breaks. (And it’s free.)

3. Audience: What is your audience for your republished content? It’s probably quite different than the original publisher’s audience. When republishing an article, you can customize the meta description and title, and even attach your own thoughts prior to republishing. This way you can attract readers who might otherwise overlook the original article. Check out repubhub.com to see how you can integrate this unique republishing tool into your content strategy.

4. Social: How can you integrate this republished content into your social media sphere? This is an important consideration due to the surge in social media popularity. Always make sure to share your republished content on social media. This helps you build new followers, generates links to your website, and also gives added exposure to the content you are republishing.

5. Analyze: So now onto the most important – analyze. When republishing content on your site, you can still see the traffic it’s generated, clicks it’s received and even social shares. Make sure to analyze your republished content just as much as your own content to see what is resonating with your audience so you can continue to adjust, modify, and experiment with your content strategy.

Content republishing should be an important part of any marketer’s content strategy. This approach allows you to get the right content to your audience, at the right place, and at the right time. Not only will you build trust among your followers, but you will also build traffic to your site, and credibility with the publishers whose content you are republishing.

Learn more about how repubhub.com, a product from the award-winning iCopyright team, will help you leverage, maximize and monetize your content strategy.

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