Citing Sources/Giving Credit: Content Creation and Content Curation

Posted on Jul 09, 2015
By Andrew Elston

Whether you are republishing content, repurposing content or quoting great content written by someone else, you must always properly cite sources to give credit where it is due. Corey Eldron (Follow Her on Twitter)  from the Inbound Marketing team at HubSpot, published a great article that provides advice for making attribution of content and images much easier.

Simply titled, How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People’s Content on the Internet, Corey’s blog provides several citation scenarios that we have all come across during content creation and content curation:

  •          Citing sources in a blog
  •          Attributing statistics within your website content
  •          Giving credit to guest authors
  •          Citing images and other visual content
  •          Properly sharing information on social media

We invite you to read the aforementioned HubSpot article to ensure some of the basic steps for internet content protection. For further protection of website content, we ask that you skim through our articles below for a better understanding of copyright protection of your content.

Protection of Your Website Content

At iCopyright we’ve written several blog posts covering the protection of website content. Learn more about how you can avoid content piracy by valuing and protecting original content.

It’s a great notion to act honorably when citing sources online, but not everyone will follow suit. Take action to ensure that your content is protected with the free iCopyright Toolbar.

Take Action: Protect, Promote and Monetize Online Content

iCopyright's Toolbar and Interactive Copyright Notice provide publishers and bloggers with an easy way to enable readers to reuse and license content while maintaining the integrity, branding, and copyright of the creator. The toolbar provides visible online copyright protection and increases revenue opportunities by licensing valuable content instantly and easily. The toolbar is free to deploy. Our WordPress plugin can be deployed in just minutes.

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