Content Strategy: Video and Image Search on repubHub

Posted on Oct 22, 2015
By Andrew Elston

We’ve been at it again. We’ve added a new search feature to the repubHub content network. This time we’ve included an option to quickly search for content that includes images or video.

Content Strategy Engagement: Video and Image Search

Your readers often prefer content that contains images and video. You will see better engagement on your website or blog when including this type of content. You can now quickly find content by category (Politics, Religion, Technology, Education, Sports, and more), and content that includes images and videos, AND easily republish that content to your website. We’re making it intuitive and easier for you to find and republish the stories that matter to your readers. And it’s free.

Improve Audience Engagement with Republished Content

Content containing images and videos will further increase audience engagement on your site. Instead of curating content with links back to the originating site, you can republish quality content directly on your own pages, leveraging stories that matter to your current readers while also appealing to new audiences.

  • Successfully Leverage Quality Content: High quality, license-ready content from our world-class publishers will bolster your SEO efforts and enhance your overall online presence.
  • Save Editorial Time and Resources: Republished content saves time and expands the editorial capacity of your team, while adding credibility to the quality content you produce and share on your site.
  • Appeal to New Audiences: Different audiences respond to different types of content. Content containing images (charts, infographics, slideshares, etc.) and video may reach a larger audience base for the topics you cover. Search repubHub first. Find the topics that matter to your audience, click republish, and experience gains in reader engagement, page views, and advertising impressions. Republishing licensed content will allow you to bolster the opportunities to reach new audiences.
  • Improved Content Freshness: #BREAKING NEWS. Catch the attention and appreciation of readers who value the freshest content, from big-name, worldwide sources. When you use licensed content from repubHub you are posting professionally written, valuable and relevant stories for your readers. This helps your website or blog to maintain the latest and greatest content from the most reliable sources. Build trust with your audience with the freshest content.

The above points are taken from our previous blog 7 Things to Know About Reusing Content. If you are not already an iCopyright/repubHub blog subscriber, we invite you to subscribe now, or follow us on social media: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Try the New repubHub Image and Video Content Strategy

Head over to repubHub to experience the new image and video search features, and our filtered category search. We are confident that you will enjoy the new features.

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