Looking Back at August’s Top Articles by Page Views

Posted on Sep 26, 2017
By Andrew Elston

Each month we take a tally of the hottest news and features syndicated from repubHub in the prior month, as measured by page views from across republishers’ websites. Looking backward is an opportunity to reflect on where we have come from and where we may be going—and gives editors a snapshot of what grabbed readers’ attention.

Surprisingly, the top two articles in August were about Obamas and not Trump. Even more surprisingly, the most viewed syndicated article in August wasn’t about Barack Obama, but Malia. Not surprisingly, coverage of the Charlotte protests and white nationalists drew readers’ attention. Houston, Mike Pence, Scott Baio, and ancient ground sloths (really!) also drew editors’ and readers’ attention.

Here are the top ten syndicated articles from August:

  1. Malia Obama Snaps At Woman Fan At Harvard, International Business Times, August 27
  2. What Will Obama Do Next?, Newsweek, August 12
  3. White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don't like what they find, STAT,  August 16
  4. Chanting 'blood and soil!' white nationalists with torches march on University of Virginia, Los Angeles Times,  August 12
  5. Trump's Taken More Vacation Days To Date Than Obama During Presidency, International Business Times,  August 3
  6. Massive caves in southern Brazil are actually ancient ground sloth burrows, ZME Science, August 11
  7. Houston Is Drowning—In Its Freedom From Regulations, Newsweek, August 28
  8. Scott Baio explains why he’s on verge of giving up acting and Hollywood all together, Rare, August 24
  9. Trump Being Warned by Advisers About Impeachment, Newsweek, August 28
  10. Mike Pence's Latest Statement About Trump Is A Whole New Level Of Crazy, DeepStateNation.com, August 18

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