Looking Backward: February’s Most Popular Syndicated Articles

Posted on Mar 09, 2017
By Andrew Elston

Each month we take a tally of the hottest news and features syndicated from repubHub in the prior month, as measured by page views from the republishers’ websites. Looking backward often gives us a whiff of what lies ahead—and reminds us of where we have come from.

No surprises here: Donald Trump and his administration continued to dominate the news, political analysis, and commentary of publications across the globe. Trending headlines and syndicated articles from repubHub followed this movement in February.

Crooks and Liars on repubHub.jpgCrooks and Liars provided the leading republished political article covering an uncharacteristic lull in the action from Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway on February 20 with the question, “Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?”

When repubHub editors and bloggers turned away from politics, what else dominated content syndication? Here’s a quick recap of the most republished articles in science, health, international news, and other notable events for February 2017 from repubHub.

Science topped out with an article published February 24 from Popular Science featuring a gallery of two dozen photos that reminded us “What America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up,” and how far we have come since the early 1970s.

The top article in politics (besides the Crooks and Liars story) came from McClatchy Washington Bureau with “Trump’s threatens to defund ‘out of control’ California” on February 5.

Medical Daily provided repubHub’s most engaging health content with an article covering the “5 reasons to have sex…” and how it is “…crucial to good physical and mental health.”

Leading the international news front, an article from our publishing partner International Business Times discussed French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s statements that French Jews would have to give up Israeli dual citizenship if she succeeds with her path to the presidency. The article includes an interactive graphic that shows terrorist attacks and threats in France annually since 1970.

Other notable events covered by numerous publishers, and republished broadly included the discovery of a new cave containing Dead Sea scrolls and the discovery of seven new planets orbiting a “nearby” star.

Looking Forward, Forward Looking…

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