Looking Backward: Good News Dominates in April! Quite Literally!

Posted on May 09, 2017
By Andrew Elston

Each month we take a tally of the hottest news and features syndicated from repubHub in the prior month, as measured by page views from across republishers’ websites. Looking backward is an opportunity to reflect on where we have come from and where we may be going—and gives editors a snapshot of what piqued readers’ attention. 

After many months when articles with the keywords “Trump” or “Conway” dominated the news and our republishers' attention, it was delightful to read Good News Network’s uplifting exclusive, Rick Steves Sacrifices Nest Egg to House Dozens of Homeless Women and Kids. Not only was this the top article republished in April, it was one of the most viewed articles in the history of our network. So, as Geri-Weis-Corbley, founder and editor of Good News Network, likes to say, “Good happens!” 

Another top article syndicated in April (No. 4 by page views) also had a keyword unrelated to Trump, but, sadly, a keyword in common with the Rick Steves article: “homeless.”  International Business Times reported Erin Moran was Broke and Homeless When She Died. There were dozens of articles covering Moran’s passing, but this one got the most views.

April’s Top 10 Most Popular Syndicated Articles

  1. Rick Steves Sacrifices Nest Egg to House Dozens of Homeless Women and Kids, Good News Network
  2. George Will predicts Obamacare to become single-payer because of this inconvenient fact, EgbertoWillies.com
  3. Republican Lawmaker Calls Internet Optional As FCC Readies To Limit Broadband Options, International Business Times
  4. Erin Moran Was Broke And Homeless When She Died, International Business Times
  5. A birthday video call captures a telling moment in Trump's Russia connections, McClatchy Washington Bureau
  6. 'Stealthing': Everything You Need To Know About The Disturbing Sex Trend, Medical Daily
  7. Rachel Maddow's excellent reporting on Trump & Russia driving Fox News crazy, EgbertoWillies.com
  8. Alex Jones’s Threat to Congressman May Be a Felony, Newsweek
  9. As White Men Flee, Trump's Approval Rating Dips Again, Newsweek
  10. Here's everything Melania Trump has done as first lady, Newsweek

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