Of Politics and Political Opinion: Something for Everyone

Posted on Jul 16, 2016
By Andrew Elston

As the U.S. enters two weeks of back-to-back political conventions, the Republicans in Cleveland and the Democrats in Philadelphia, you can be sure that coverage of these events will be prominent in repubHub’s Political Opinion and Politics filtered categories (those tabs immediately beneath the search box on the repubHub portal page). 

Our Political Opinion category is rich with reporting and commentary from many leading websites and prominent voices, whether left, right, or center—and sometimes quite outrageous in ways that delight their adherents. Here’s a quick summary of what you can find and republish on your website from an even dozen of the sources on repubHub:

Breitbart Unmasked pursues a mission of “unmasking the false narratives behind the right-wing noise machines” and “dismantling the Tea Party.”

Crooks & Liars prides itself on “untangling the lies of right-wing media.” Founded in 2004, the site is edited by Karoli Kuns and John Amato with decidedly edgy attitude.

Headed up by Tucker Carlson of CNN CrossFire fame, The Daily Caller News Foundation, covers a broad swath of topics with reporting from a deep bench of seasoned journalists.

Daily Signal, produced by the Heritage Foundation, similarly covers a wide range of political interests with the firepower provided by the foundation’s 100+ policy experts.

The political commentators at First Draft promise “liberal politics, media criticism, and general mayhem” and they deliver it with a punch.

Nationally syndicated liberal talk-show host Alan Colmes is the voice behind the website Liberaland, providing a “counterbalance” to conservative and fundamentalist right-wing media.”

Moderate Voice Editor-in-chief Joe Gandelman has assembled a group of commentators and reporters that represent a spectrum of views—“left, center, indies, centrists, moderates, and the right.”

MRCTV, produced by Media Research Center, pursues a mission to “break down the boundaries between traditional conservative media and mainstream culture.”  

The National Memo Editor-in-chief Joe Conason promises that his site will deliver political commentary and reporting that is “smart, sharp, funny, and fearless.”

Progressive talk-show host Thom Hartmann and Robert F. Kennedy Junior are just two of the prominent voices behind Ring of Fire Network.

WND (also known as WorldNetDaily) was founded as an online news source by Joseph Farah in 1997 to “shine a light exposing wrong-doing, corruption, and abuse of power.”   

Famous for its snarky and sarcastic commentary on anything and everything politics, Wonkette never fails to incite strong reactions to its often strong language.

When you want straightforward, traditional hard news reporting, repubHub’s Politics category covers the world, pulling in political reporting from newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe—most of which need little introduction to editors. We invite you to check out these noteworthy sources that are sure to provide additional perspective on U.S. politics in the coming weeks:

  • The Washington Times, from the U.S. Capital
  • ProPublica, the unique nonprofit investigative network based in New York
  • Al Jazeera, the English language newswire based in London with worldwide bureaus
  • National Post, world news with a distinctly Canadian voice
  • Times of Israel, focusing on Middle East news
  • McClatchy Washington Bureau, covering news from world capitals
  • France24, international news from a French perspective
  • DPA, the German press agency
  • Euronews, from Europe’s most-watched TV channel
  • GlobalPost, award-winning in-depth coverage of the world.

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