7 Things to Know About Reusing Content

Posted on Dec 17, 2014
By Andrew Elston

Republishing great content from well-branded and reliable sources is one of the most productive ways to amplify the power of your own site and brand messaging. It's also a great way to also add new depth to your own original content.

Here are 7 things you should know about republishing content as part of your overall content strategy.

1. Compliance: When you use unlicensed content that you scrape from another site, you violate the author’s copyrights and face potentially severe legal penalties if caught. However, when you license the content, you and your readers can verify your authorization to re-use the original publisher's content. When you use a service like repubHub, each piece of content includes tracking information, so the original publishers are aware you are legally using their content.

2. Good Links: When you use unlicensed content, it could link to less reliable third-party sites, which can damage your brand image and your search engine optimization results with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. However, licensed content is linked to highly reliable sources that are appropriate for your audience, as well as your industry. These high-quality links can also bolster your SEO efforts, and enhance your overall online image to your prospects and customers.

3. Save Time: If you are stitching excerpts together and recomposing headlines and text from third-party sources, you are obviously spending significant time and internal resources. Why not use licensed content through a service like repubHub instead? You save time and don't have to worry about editing. Professional journalists are best at creating eye-catching titles and articles. You are now able to maximize your content leverage and save time by utilizing republished content.

4. More Miles: Instead of trudging through the creative process every week, or however often you currently update your content, it's easier to reuse content that has been professionally written. This content will be more engaging and will have much longer shelf life. As you choose and repurpose content on your website, you are likely to realize new themes or content gaps, which will help you to develop new ideas.

5. Appeal to New Audiences: Since different audiences respond to different types of content, you can use repurposed content to reach a larger audience. Some people are data-driven and respond to statistics, while other people may prefer shorter content. Reusing content will allow you to adopt a different voice, which will bolster the chances of you reaching new audiences.

6. Improved Content Freshness: Readers value freshness content. When you use licensed content, you can tackle two birds with one article by posting fresh content that is professionally written and valuable. This helps your website always have the latest and greatest content from the most reliable sources.

7. Collaborate: When you reuse content, you have an excellent opportunity to collaborate. The most effective content marketing is the result of people from multiple departments collaborating, and businesses collaborating with one another. Once you choose to a piece to reuse, you can start to develop new topics and even new targets by collaborating with others.

If you’re interested in seeing how republished content can help maximize your content efforts, visit us at repubHub to see how easy it is to utilize licensed content from the experts to maximize your content marketing efforts.