Internet Piracy: Help Your Readers Do The “CopyRight” Thing

Posted on Jan 22, 2012
By Andrew Elston

If you create original content for a living, the issue of piracy on the internet is more than just a theoretical problem. It’s a threat to your livelihood!

This is true whether you’re a big movie studio with billions invested in blockbuster movies or an individual blogger typing away in a bedroom.

The issues raised by copyright laws and internet piracy are not going away anytime soon.

  • There is a general consensus that internet piracy is wrong, even as it has become more commonplace.
  • Most of us want to see ideas spread freely online, and new creation encouraged.

Are these beliefs at odds? We don't think so.

Content Syndication: A Winning Strategy for Publishers of All Sizes

Posted on Jan 10, 2012
By Andrew Elston

Big publishers have been syndicating content for generations—well before the World Wide Web.

Even with more content being created now than ever before, the business of syndicated content continues to be largely confined to big publishers and big websites, fraught with anxiety and endless negotiation.

We believe it’s time to bring content syndication out of the dark ages and into the light.

A Simpler and More Accessible Market Place for Content Creators

iCopyright believes that publishers large and small have much to gain from taking the sludge out of the syndication business. Here are the main advantages:

More about iCopyright

Posted on Dec 31, 2011
By Andrew Elston

iCopyright is the leader in copyright licensing and content services for digital content.

Publisher Content Services

Posted on Jan 31, 2011
By Andrew Elston

iCopyright's Toolbar enables your copyrighted content to be licensed, syndicated, shared, promoted, and tracked. Content can also be sourced from other publishers for republishing on your site.

The secret is the "iCopyright Tag:" a fragment of meta data embedded within each article and rendered as a series of links, and an intelligent, interactive copyright notice. Together, these tools and tags enable iCopyright's Virtuous Circle for Content Monetization.

iCopyright Conductor Console

Posted on Jan 31, 2011
By Andrew Elston

Did you know you have a separate administrator console outside of your CMS admin that allows you to control the many features offered by iCopyright? You can modify how the iCopyright article tools appear on your web site, determine which services to offer, what to charge for reuse licensing, and other things.

To change prices, modify services, get reports, execute syndication agreements, etc., go to your Conductor console. Your iCopyright plugin is automatically configured with a default set of business rules that grant users permission to use a limited amount of your content for free, and to license the rights to use your content for a fee. You can modify these services and prices by logging into the iCopyright Conductor console to chnge the settings for your publication.

Here are three ways to get to your Conductor console:

Does Your Website Suggest that Your Content is Free for the Taking?

Posted on Aug 24, 2010
By Andrew Elston

The Print, Email, and Share buttons adjacent to your copyrighted content may indeed suggest to your readers that they are free to reuse your content in any way they choose. Worse, a reader who reposts or redistributes your content (perhaps even profiting from it) may defend his or her actions by asserting that your article tools facilitated and even encouraged the reuse.


If you care about protecting your content from misappropriation and unauthorized distribution, you must read Wendy Davis’s “Blogger Sued by Copyright Troll Argues He Had ‘Implied License’” on MediaPost. Like any alleged copyright infringement case, there are unique twists to this particular situation, but aside from the legal issues there is a very simple business issue: Your content is valuable to others and they will use it to their advantage if you let them.