Niche Publishing: How An Arizona News Publisher Carved Its Niche

Posted on Jan 31, 2014
By Rhonda Hurwitz

The Southern Arizona News-Examiner ( has been reporting local and regional news in and around Tucson and Southern Arizona since 2012.

With so much digital content vying for the reader’s attention, how did this particular news weekly carve out an audience in a short period of time?

And, how do they continue to cover a wide range of topics for their readers, with a small editorial team, and limited time and resources?

In this “Publisher Spotlight”, we’ll look at 5 key factors that make this online news site successful.

What an Investing Site Teaches Us About Content Creation

Posted on Jan 28, 2014
By Rhonda Hurwitz

The investment world moves at lightening speed. For an investor, great content is any information that helps make money or prevent losses.

Professional and individual investors follow James Taulman’s The Sunday Stock Report ( for precisely this reason. His subscribers rely on him for original stock research and timely news alerts.

James wears many hats to accomplish his mission of helping investors -- balancing research and writing with many other roles each day.

With this publisher spotlight, we examine the various content strategies a niche publisher uses to create value for his readers.

Inbound Marketer Finds Content Creation "Wingman"

Posted on Jan 24, 2014
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Think you need a larger budget to publish a consistent company business blog and also expand marketing channels? Think again.

In 2013, F-O-R-T-U-N-E Franchise Corp (FFC) adopted inbound marketing to educate their audiences – senior executives and career changers -- about the opportunity to build a successful new career by opening an FPC brand executive recruiting franchise. 

Publishing a high-quality business blog was central to their strategy.

With this “publisher spotlight,” learn how they are accomplishing their mission with an expanded marketing toolkit.

Brand Journalism: Where to Find the Perfect Story?

Posted on Jan 22, 2014
By Ellie Becker

Every online editor, blogger or content marketer has encountered that uncomfortable moment when it’s time to publish, and there are no “ready-to-go” stories in the content queue.

Maybe your freelance writer didn’t finish a rewrite in time… or there’s a newsworthy topic to cover, and no one has time to write a fresh post. Whatever the reason, compromising your publishing schedule isn’t an option.

You need just the right content for your niche. What to do?

In this "Publisher Spotlight", we meet a content marketing team faced this exact dilemma for their business blog. Could they use a content portal to find just the right story?

The Internet is an Honor System. Now, All We Need Is Honor.

Posted on Nov 22, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

If you read this blog, you know that valuing and protecting original content are topics we are passionate about.

Last week, the vexing issue of content piracy once again reared its ugly head in the blogosphere. And this instance was a real shocker.

In this case, a Fortune 100 company (Verizon) was the pirate, and Mark W. Schaefer, the author of a popular business blog, and Kerry Gorgone’s guest post, the targets.

In case you missed it, you can read about the details on Mark Schaefer’s blog {grow}, and in this column from Ragan Media.

The courage to curate: Share others’ articles for content marketing boost

Posted on Nov 14, 2013
By Ellie Becker

The benefits will give you the courage to curate content!

At the heart of our content marketing strategies, we all strive to create remarkable content that will be useful to our audiences and worthy of sharing.

But we all have to face the fact that – under pressure to create a continuous flow of new material -- not all of the content we create meets that standard.

Better Content, Less Noise

As consumers of content, more often than not we find ourselves digging through a lot of unhelpful posts to get to a few golden nuggets of info.

As Mitch Joel says, there is way too much noise out there, and mediocre brand content just gets lost.

5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence With OPC (Other People’s Content)

Posted on Nov 06, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

It can be tough to publish new content on a consistent schedule for your blog and other online marketing projects.

To get more bang for your content marketing buck, let’s borrow a well-known concept from the world of finance: leverage.

One way to increase our return, when it comes to investing, is by using ”other people’s money” - OPM. Mortgages, buying securities on margin, and other forms of borrowing are all ways to do this.

Can we use the concept of leverage in content marketing? Definitely!

Meet repubHub: A New Portal for Licensed, Republishable Content

Posted on Oct 22, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Building visibility is tough to do solely with original content.

In a world that often seems to be exploding with content, bloggers and content marketers face a challenge: How to keep delivering value to your readers with fresh, relevant content?

Increasingly, content marketers and bloggers add curation to the mix, to broaden the range of content that can be easily and consistently delivered.

Adding a curation strategy makes life a lot easier for you and can be a new way to deliver value to your readers.

Online Content: The Democratization of Writing

Posted on Oct 18, 2013
By Dan Sauerhaft

Much has been said about how the internet makes it wonderfully easier for individuals to become published authors of online content.

In this regard, the below article, republished via repubHub with permission of Lakefield Herald, struck a chord.

The website "posts a new short story, novel excerpt or poem each day...Our focus is on works of fiction or poetry that can be enjoyed during a 20-30 minute public-transit commute to work."

What a great idea, both for authors and readers. I checked out the site, and read a delightful short story by Nancy Boyce, the author referenced in the below article.

Financial Services Content Marketing: A Question of Compliance?

Posted on Oct 15, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Social media marketing for financial services firms is a challenge.

Yet despite those unique challenges, for those who do invest the time and take an active role, it pays off -- both in terms of new business/lead generation, as well as connecting with the next generation -- according to Alix Stuart in a recent On Wall Street article (republished below).

Clearly social networks were the first frontier ... but what about content marketing?

Financial Services Content Marketing: Questions

As content marketing expert Jay Baer often says, "Content is the gasoline, social media is the match." So, we're wondering: What are financial services firms and advisors doing when it comes to content marketing strategy?