Copyright for Website Content – A Web Developer’s Guide

Posted on Jul 17, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Each week, we hear from website owners whose websites were deliberately copied or scraped.

Often, site owners find this out by pure serendipity, and are rightfully concerned and confused.

Common questions include:

  • Is my website content copyright protected?
  • How do I protect my website content from theft?
  • Should I take special steps to register my website content?
  • What should I do if my website is copied?

With a considerable investment in web design, unique web content, and search rankings, website content abuses can be especially damaging.

The Copyright Symbol, Misunderstood: 4 Common Myths That Hurt Your Blog

Posted on Jul 10, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

In our world of digital everything, copyright has become tricky business.

Every day we see widely adopted online practices that violate copyright.

Worse still, the Internet is full of copyright falsehoods and half truths that are mistakenly passed along, and believed to be accurate.

Misperceptions about copyright leads to copyright infringement, which hurts bloggers.

We’d like to set the record straight.

How to make your blog content theft-worthy

Posted on Jun 30, 2013
By Ellie Becker

We’re going to clear up the title of this post right off the bat. It’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, of course.

A company devoted to promoting respectful use of copyrighted content and protecting digital content from piracy certainly isn’t going to advocate for content theft.

However, since it’s usually the best written, most useful content that gets stolen – or licensed and syndicated for that matter – we thought we’d devote a post to what makes for a good blog read.

And we can help you prevent or deal with any pirates who turn up.

Here are a few tips.

19 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Your WordPress Plugins

Posted on Jun 20, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

A funny thing happened on the way to crowdsourcing a list of favored WordPress plugins from last week’s #blogchat.

Halfway through the 54 page(!) #blogchat transcript, we discovered that there's a lot more to know about plugins than just which ones to install.

As always, some great advice was shared.

Enjoy the tips and tweets below -- and remember that for expert advice and spirited conversation on all things blog-related, tune into #blogchat (Sundays, 9-10 pm ET ).

It's a great community.

78 Useful WordPress Plugins From #blogchat

Posted on Jun 20, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

There is no savvier blog community than the group that participates in #blogchat each week.

(#blogchat is a spirited tweetchat among bloggers on Sunday nights, 9-10 pm ET, hosted by @mackcollier.

It's a great place to learn from other bloggers, discover new blogs to read and great new people to follow).

This past week, the topic was plugins … a topic very close to our heart!

Blogging Tips: Give Your "Content Engine" a Tune-Up

Posted on Jun 13, 2013
By Ellie Becker

The sun is out, the weather is warmer ...

... time for a spring tuneup, to catch up on things you’ve been meaning to address on your site!

As a serious blogger, you already create unique, engaging content, promote your blog, and attend to SEO.

Now, take a few moments to take a look "under the hood".

Here are 3 blogging tips to keep your "content engine" running well:

7 Ways to Find (and Fix!) Duplicate Content

Posted on Jun 05, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Duplicate content happens.

You may be aware that content theft can create duplicate content and search engine penalties for your website or blog.

But, sometimes we inadvertently create duplicate content on our own websites, by not understanding content creation best practices!

Recent search engine updates have made it more important than ever to identify and address duplicate content ... before it impacts your organic search ranking or link popularity.

Here's how to detect and fix both types:

5 Tech Tools for Better Blog Writing & Content Creation

Posted on May 29, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

What’s your biggest blogging challenge?

Is it finding time to write? Coming up with your next topic?

Or do you need a little help getting found?

While technology won’t help you define your “secret sauce,” there are some remarkable tech tools to help make your content creation and blog writing smarter:

How To Protect Your Blog Content From RSS Feed Scrapers

Posted on May 22, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Does your RSS feed inadvertently contribute to content theft?

In a prior post, we talked about how peer pressure can work to fight online content piracy – particularly for naïve infringement. But peer pressure alone can’t always work. That’s because some content is stolen by bots and automated programs that scrape your RSS feed.

Like spammers, these pernicious programs operate automatically, and it takes tougher measures to defeat them.

How to Monetize your Blog: Make it “License Friendly” (Part 2)

Posted on May 19, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

The blogger’s online business toolkit seems to grow daily: advertising, affiliate sales, sponsored posts, selling products and services, consulting, speaking, selling books, and more.

Whether you do ALL of those things -- or NONE of those things -- there’s one more revenue opportunity that is often overlooked. Make your original online content license friendly.

Let’s first look at some of the common alternatives.

How to Monetize Your Blog: Give Content Away for Free?

Some blog writers give their content away for free--no permission required to reuse it, no strings attached to how it is reused.