Publisher Spotlight: Good News Network

Posted on Jun 06, 2017
By Andrew Elston

“News to Enthuse” is Your Antidote to Negativity

Good ____ Happens.jpgWho doesn’t like some good news mixed in with the typical diet of political mayhem, international terror, and governmental dysfunction?  One of our favorite websites, Good News Network, reliably delivers the often-overlooked “good news” that keeps us from pulling the covers over our heads and going back to bed.

And lest you think “good news” means "fluff news," you should think again. Geri Weis-Corbley and her team have a nose for inspiring stories that are relevant to current events.   


We first met Geri at the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles two years ago, when she stopped by our booth to learn about our syndication services. Geri was so impressed with the iCopyright Toolbar and repubHub that she deployed the iCopyright Republishing Suite to her WordPress site right there on-the-spot. Not only did she want to syndicate her own content to other sites, she liked the idea of republishing content from other websites to supplement her original reporting.    

“Not only do I love iCopyright because it gives us extra content for our website,” says Geri, “it showcases our best articles on other websites. In fact, we earned an additional 65,000+ views on a popular story we recently wrote on the travel writer Rick Steves. We were thrilled to have attracted so many extra eyeballs.”

Geri has found a rich niche in a crowded landscape of news websites. Indeed, her Good News Network apps for Android and iOS have five-star ratings. And, if you do a Google search for “good news,” guess whose site sits at the top of the results?

Want to share Geri’s positive outlook with your readers? Deploy this Good News Network headlines widget on your site.  

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