The Content Marketing Mix Blueprint: 3 Ways to Add Value

Posted on Oct 14, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Last weekend, the houses on my street had a multi-family tag sale. Shoppers came and went, and as the day wore on, the roll of dollar bills in our pockets grew fat.

Late in the day, something unexpected happened: We started shopping in each other’s driveways, and began acquiring one another’s treasures!

When the day ended, we counted our cash … and enjoyed some wonderful new finds.

Your Content Marketing Mix: Creation, Curation and Republishing

What does a tag sale have to do with content marketing?

Just this: it doesn’t matter where great information originates. As Jay Baer would say, it’s the YOUtility of content that matters.

As content marketers, we can add value with content in three basic ways:

  • We can create original content.
  • We can curate relevant content, adding commentary/context as we share snippets or links
  • We can republish content that has already been published elsewhere, in its entirety, also with context

Original content, curated content, and republished content can all play a role in building traffic to your blog or website and enhancing your brand.

ALL of these approaches help to:

  • engage an audience,
  • increase brand awareness,
  • boost traffic and leads, and
  • convey thought leadership on a topic.

And since we are all struggling with a content time crunch, curation and syndication will only become more a more important part of the content marketing mix, not less. So we need tools to help us execute more easily in all three of these areas.

The Right Tech Tools Make It Easier

Technology is making it easier for content marketers to execute in most of these areas. If you do an online search, you'll find list after list of "curation tools", "content marketing tools", "tech tools", etc.

Like this one: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools, by Ian Cleary or Razor Social.

But while there are many content marketing tools out there –-- and that number is growing all the time -- tools to facilitate the republishing portion of your content mix have been few and far between.

That's why we created a new syndication network for content marketers, to make republishing easier.

A New Content Syndication Network for Bloggers, Editors, and Content Marketers

We're excited to introduce repubHub -- a new way to find the best republishable content for your audience, and share it -- easily, with permission, and in most instances, for free.

repubHub brings both sides of the content marketing ecosystem together:

  • With the repubHub syndication network, content creators have a new way to maximize the visibility, reach and republication of their original content.
  • For content curators, repubHub is a new source to discover legally republishable, relevant content. Now, it's easy to find the niche content that could bring value to your audience, and republish it easily.
  • repubHub uses instant licensing technology to make content republishing simple. A built-in content licensing mechanism powered by iCopyright helps make this process instant, and seamless.

Learn More About repubHub

No more republishing roadblocks ... now, lining up permission to share previously published content is as easy as embedding a link.

Takeaways for Content Marketers:

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of all 3 content strategies -- creation, curation and republishing -- is no longer in question.

Like finding the perfect tag sale treasure, as long as the content we choose to share – republished articles on your content hub, for instance -- adds value for your readers, it’s of secondary importance where that content originated.

There are 3 key takeaways for content marketers:

  1. Consider how republishing can enhance your content strategy
  2. Ask whether your content mix can be adjusted to alleviate the content marketing time crunch
  3. Discover how the right tech tools can streamline each part of your content mix.

Content Marketers: Invitation to Try repubHub

Would you like to get broader distribution for your original content?

We'd like to invite you to contribute your content to repubHub. It's free to join--and adding our toolbar is easy. It can be installed in under a minute with our WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS plug-ins.

repubHub can also serve as a great source of republishable content for your site.

We hope you'll take a moment to try repubHub, and let us know what you think.

What tools and techniques are you using to streamline your content curation and republishing efforts?

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