The Most Viewed Articles Licensed from repubHub in 2016

Posted on Dec 28, 2016
By Andrew Elston

It’s no surprise that coverage of the U.S. presidential election dominated the news in 2016. News and commentary on the election process accounted for the most page views in each of 7 months. 

Looking back, it is eerily revealing that articles primarily about the Trump phenomenon were the most viewed in each of 5 months. Surprisingly, not a single article focusing primarily on Hillary Clinton took the top spot in any month.

There was some relief from the drumbeat of Trump, Trump, Trump, when articles about science and society broke into the top rank of republished articles.

Below is a month-by-month recap of the top articles of 2016 (and their original print publications or websites) as measured by page views of those licensed from repubHub in 2016. 

January: Cruz Produces Mother’s Birth Certificate (Newsweek)

February: 5 Reasons Why Poor and Middle Class Americans Vote Republican  (Forward Progressives)

March:  Scientists Successfully Create A Quantum ‘Fredkin Gate’ (International Business Times)

April:  White City: The New Urban Blight Is Rich People  (Newsweek)

May:  Melania Trump Accidentally Undermines Donald's Campaign Slogan  (Crooks and Liars)

June:  Rex Huppke: Wonder who is backing Trump? Let's read some emails  (Chicago Tribune)

July:  Cellphone video shows police fatally shooting unarmed 19-year-old Fresno man  (Los Angeles Times)

August: Teen Trump fan, ejected from Charlotte rally, says he was profiled  (Charlotte Observer)

September:  The Trump Organization’s Secretive Global Financial Web  (Newsweek)

October:  Where Do Humans Come From? Everyone Is From Africa Lesson Makes White Texas Student Angry  (International Business Times)

November: The Myths that Cost the Democrats the Election (Newsweek)

December: A Dire Prediction for Trump’s First 100 Days (Alternet)

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