How to Monetize your Blog: Make it “License Friendly” (Part 2)

Posted on May 19, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

The blogger’s online business toolkit seems to grow daily: advertising, affiliate sales, sponsored posts, selling products and services, consulting, speaking, selling books, and more.

Whether you do ALL of those things -- or NONE of those things -- there’s one more revenue opportunity that is often overlooked. Make your original online content license friendly.

Let’s first look at some of the common alternatives.

How to Monetize Your Blog: Give Content Away for Free?

Some blog writers give their content away for free--no permission required to reuse it, no strings attached to how it is reused.

LicenseFriendly & Fair Use / Fair Dealing

Posted on May 14, 2013
By Dan Sauerhaft

Adjective. li·cense·friend·ly. Describes a website that simultaneously makes it (i) easy for users to license content and (ii) difficult for users to steal content. For example:

“The Daily Planet sure is licensefriendly! I licensed an article for republication on my blog today with a single click and for only $5. That was a no-brainer – especially since I know they monitor the internet for unauthorized reuses and go after pirates aggressively.”

As publishers try to solidify their online business models, they aim to distribute and republish content widely while monetizing it wherever it travels. This can conflict with fair use (U.S.) and fair dealing (Canada) which gives readers legal rights to reuse limited amounts of content in certain circumstances without compensation.

What publishers often don’t realize is that the best way to resolve this conflict is to make your website licensefriendly. Make it easy for folks to license your content easily, instantly, and at a reasonable price. At the same time, take steps to prevent piracy.

How To Monetize Your Blog (Part 1)

Posted on May 12, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Blogging takes incredible discipline and hard work.

Leading blogger Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan on twitter) famously wrote that it took him eight years to get his first 100 subscribers!

Learning how to connect with readers, and attract a following may be the hardest part. But sooner or later, if you stick with it, you’ll find where your voice and audience intersect.

Once you do, another challenge appears on the blogging horizon:

... creating a profitable online business model for your blog.

Canadian Copyright Law: Fair Dealing

Posted on Apr 29, 2013
By Dan Sauerhaft

We've written previously in this blog about the concept of fair use under U.S. copyright law, and its impact on publishers and folks reusing their content. In addition, our licensing service helps publishers provide tips to readers for evaluating when permission should be obtained to reuse content.

While copyright law in the United States has fair use exceptions to the prohibition against copying a work without permission of the owner, the analogous concept in Canada is called fair dealing. The concepts are not identical, and since iCopyright has an increasing number of Canadian publishers using its services we’ve decided to create Canada-specific language that Canadian publishers can display when their readers seek guidance on when a license is required.

How Writers, Freelancers, and Publishers Can Profit From the Meltwater Decision

Posted on Apr 01, 2013
By Dan Sauerhaft

If you follow copyright matters, you know that Meltwater was recently handed a legal blow.

In Part 1 of this series we summarized why the court ruled that Meltwater's online republication of excerpts is copyright infringement, and not fair use.

Meltwater was systematically republishing excerpts of another writer’s original expression, without getting permission or paying compensation.

We’d like to propose how writers can profit from this decision.

Monetize Content: What Online Publishers Can Learn From iTunes

Posted on Jun 21, 2012
By Dan Sauerhaft

Let's take a look at the success of iTunes -- one of the most successful business models of our age -- and tease out some lessons for online publishers.

How Does iTunes Monetize Content?

iTunes is such a great way to get music.

It’s instant, it’s easy, it’s economical, and the licensed music retains its high fidelity. It’s a great business model, serving both music creators and consumers.

But … did you ever buy from iTunes a song you never heard before?