5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence With OPC (Other People’s Content)

Posted on Nov 06, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

It can be tough to publish new content on a consistent schedule for your blog and other online marketing projects.

To get more bang for your content marketing buck, let’s borrow a well-known concept from the world of finance: leverage.

One way to increase our return, when it comes to investing, is by using ”other people’s money” - OPM. Mortgages, buying securities on margin, and other forms of borrowing are all ways to do this.

Can we use the concept of leverage in content marketing? Definitely!

The Content Marketing Mix Blueprint: 3 Ways to Add Value

Posted on Oct 14, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Last weekend, the houses on my street had a multi-family tag sale. Shoppers came and went, and as the day wore on, the roll of dollar bills in our pockets grew fat.

Late in the day, something unexpected happened: We started shopping in each other’s driveways, and began acquiring one another’s treasures!

When the day ended, we counted our cash … and enjoyed some wonderful new finds.

Your Content Marketing Mix: Creation, Curation and Republishing

What does a tag sale have to do with content marketing?

What Can Fashion Bloggers Learn from Fashion Week?

Posted on Oct 03, 2013
By Rhonda Hurwitz

Fashion Bloggers: Lessons from Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week

As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, we were struck by some clear lessons for bloggers and editors.

  • Our writing and curation efforts, even our social posts, bear our signature, much the way a fashion collection does.
  • Just as designers use a runway show to express their vision, bloggers also need a clear point of view
  • Content is abundant, but there is only one of your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at PFW, and see what fashion bloggers, and others, can learn:

Syndicating Content with iCopyright

Posted on Feb 10, 2012
By Andrew Elston

With the iCopyright Plugin, you can syndicate your content OUT to other blogs and websites, as well as syndicate content IN from other other blogs and websites.

Content syndication details (click here)

To syndicate your content to other sites, or to find content to publish on your site, log-in to your Conductor Console and click on the "Syndication" tab.

Content Syndication: A Winning Strategy for Publishers of All Sizes

Posted on Jan 10, 2012
By Andrew Elston

Big publishers have been syndicating content for generations—well before the World Wide Web.

Even with more content being created now than ever before, the business of syndicated content continues to be largely confined to big publishers and big websites, fraught with anxiety and endless negotiation.

We believe it’s time to bring content syndication out of the dark ages and into the light.

A Simpler and More Accessible Market Place for Content Creators

iCopyright believes that publishers large and small have much to gain from taking the sludge out of the syndication business. Here are the main advantages: