Posted on Dec 22, 2016
By Andrew Elston

We’ve just launched a headline widget that delivers continually updated trending articles
from world-class publications and websites directly into your web site. Not only does this widget present the latest headlines, it automatically links to the full text of the articles on your own site, generating new page views and new revenue.  It’s like no other widget you’ve seen.

Go to and login. (While you don’t need to be logged in to repubHub to create a widget, we recommend that you log in first so your settings are saved and you can modify your widget later.) Once logged in, click RepubHub Widgets in the top left and create your widget with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Begin by selecting a category for  Trending News Widget_Steam Register_repubHub_Steam Registerv2.png
    your widget. By default, the repubHub Widget Creator begins with a display of Trending News, a selection of the 5 most popular articles drawn from across the repubHub database. You can restrict your headlines to pull just from one of repubHub’s filtered categories, such as Politics or Environment by selecting that category from the left-hand menu.
  1. Select publications to include or exclude from your chosen category. By default, your widget begins with all repubHub publications eligible for display based upon their trending value. If you see a publication listed that you’d like to exclude, click the adjacent box. You can also create a fully customized widget in this step by clicking on Whitelist and building your unique collection of publications by searching for them by title. Trending headlines appear as you add to your custom list.
  1. Design your widget. Follow the optional design choices down the left side of the page. If you are uncertain about any of these specifications, don’t worry; since you logged in you can tweak any element on this page at any time, even after you have deployed the widget on your site. 
  • Specify the title of your widget. By default, your widget is entitled “Trending News” or the name of the category you chose in Step 1. You can change this title to anything you’d like. You can also change the pixel height, font color, and background color of your widget title, or remove the title element entirely. To change colors, click inside the color box and select a color from the palette or enter the color code that exactly matches your site’s scheme.
  • Specify the number and display of your widget’s headlines. By default, 5  trending articles appear in the widget but you can select any number that fills out the space you want the widget to occupy on your page. If you select more headlines than the space on your site allows, the widget will deploy with a scroll bar. 
  • Specify the width of your widget. Check the bottom box to make your widget responsive (recommended for most sites) or enter a specific pixel width.
  1. Publish the widget to your site. Copy the code from this page. Most users put this code in one of the widgets that appear on their home page or on multiple pages. You can also put it directly in the HTML of a specific page where you would like it to appear. 
  1. Create a hosting page for your widget articles. When your readers click on an article in your headline widget, they will view the full article delivered as an embed on a common page. Create a new page in your CMS and paste the code from the Link step into this page. Open this new page and click "Link me!" to finish the linking process.

That’s it. You’re done!  You have created a new experience for your readers that will enhance your site with trending news from world-class publications. You acquire new page views, new ad impressions, and new reasons for people to visit your site.

If your first attempt to create a widget is not perfectly to your liking, you can modify the category, publications, and design elements (except width) of your widget on your site at any time without needing to Publish or Link the widget again, or you can simply start over and create a new widget.

Once you have the widget designed to your liking, why not try creating a second or third widget? If you have multiple departments or sections of your site, you can create a unique widget for each. If you created your widget as a logged-in user, your existing widget will be displayed when you click on repubHub Widgets. Here you can edit your existing widgets. A “clone” option allows you to create a new widget on a different category that retains all of the design elements from an existing widget.

Need help? No worries. Just email