Your iCopyright Toolbar and repubHub service just got even better. Update now!

Posted on Sep 22, 2015
By Andrew Elston

We recently released a new version of the iCopyright Toolbar (version 2.5.8) that includes enhanced access to our repubHub portal for you and for other editors and administrators of your site.  If you haven’t updated your iCopyright Toolbar plugin already, you’ll want to now!

repubHub Filtered Categories

In the Republish page under your Posts menu, you will now find current articles organized by popular categories such as Politics, Religion, Education, Health, War & Conflict, and more than a dozen others.

These new filtered categories appear in a menu near the top of the Republish page and are in addition to the Regional, Specialized and Featured Publications you will find in the dropdown menu to the left of the search box.  If you have created your own saved searches, tabs for these topics will appear as always.

Here’s what the Republish page looks like, (including a sample of saved personal topics):

Support for Multiple Editorial Team Members

The Republish page now supports individual saved search topics for each user. (Previously, all users of your WordPress cms shared the same saved search topics.) A consequence of this enhancement is that the first time you navigate to the Republish page, you will be asked to verify your email address if you are not the admin that installed the plugin.  

We hope these enhancements make repubHub easier to use and help you and your editorial team find great content for your site more quickly.