iCopyright Toolbar for Drupal 6

To install your iCopyright Drupal Module, download it here and enable it in your Modules list. It will be located under Other in your list of Modules. You also need to download and enable cURL at Play the quick install video or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Drupal6_Install_CoverPlay Button
See how to go live in one minute


1. Going Live:

A.  Download the iCopyright module and cURL using the links above and enable them in your Modules list.


B.  Click on Administer > Site configuration > iCopyright and click on Sign up.  Fill in the sign up form, and click Submit.


You’re live!!


2. Settings:

After you clicked “Submit” you were brought to the Settings page. Review the default settings and make any changes you wish. Click “Save Configuration” to apply your changes.  See the video below for a quick tour of the settings.

Drupal6_Settings_CoverPlay Button
Play a short video about settings

Give me details on the settings

I’ve gone live and reviewed my settings page. What now?