The Art of Republishing Content

Curating republishable content enhances the coverage you already provide with high-quality, timely news stories from world-class publishers.


Growth-Oriented Content Strategies

Learn the 7 best practices on how to curate quality content that matters to your readers, share it to your website, monetize your content, and grow your business. 


Content Strategy Q&A 3rd Party Content

Find out why republishing pre-licensed content should be part of your content strategy.

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The Blogger's Guide to Copyright Protection

Have you ever wondered how to copyright your blog? Content theft is a fact of life on the Internet, so we’ve written this free guide about online copyright issues, for content creators like you.

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Award Winning Technology

Today, iCopyright’s content syndication and licensing portal, repubHub®, continues to win industry awards, and is used by many of the world’s leading publishers.

Editors, bloggers, and content marketers quickly and easily locate content from across a network of leading publishers to obtain reuse licenses with just a few clicks.


repubHub Strives to Provide the Best Service

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Maximize your paid content opportunities

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Powerful copyright protection and piracy detection.

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Solve client copyright and duplicate content issues.



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