iCopyright's Price Optimizer: Easy-to-Use Publisher Tool

Publisher Tool that Finds the Best Price for Your Content

Now, there’s a publisher tool that can help you optimize your prices, automatically.

How much should you charge to let others republish your articles?

You could guess…setting prices without a publisher tool is like throwing darts at a dartboard

You could analyze…

You could hire consultants or …

the classic … set up a committee!

And in the end, it would be little better than throwing darts at a dartboard.

SO INSTEAD … for free … use Price Optimizer.

A Publisher Tool That Maximizes Revenue

iCopyright’s Price Optimizer will determine optimal pricing based on automated real-life testing of your content with your readers.

You can then implement that optimized pricing with a single click.

Finally, there’s a powerful new tool for publishers, that determines revenue maximizing prices for content based on actual, market testing of your pricing.

To learn more about using this publisher tool to improve your revenue, watch the video.