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Leading publishers. Independent content providers. Bloggers. In a digital age, every content creator, large and small, faces similar challenges … it’s just a matter of scale!

If you publish original articles and digital content online, iCopyright will help you protect and promote it. For popular, remarkable content we’ll help you monetize it. We invite you to learn more about how iCopyright’s online copyright system can make giving permission to republish and reuse your content both automatic and seamless.

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What People Say About iCopyright and repubHub:

As Canada’s most-read newspaper website, The Globe and Mail is very selective about our partners. iCopyright has always been responsive to our needs and has consistently exceeded our expectations.  -Marilyn Hertz, Manager, Licensing & Syndication, Digital Media, The Globe and Mail

We love iCopyright! And repubHub just gets better and better with each month. They're also superb to work with in giving super-quick response and immediate resolution to any of our needs. Joe Gandelman, Owner, The Moderate Voice

As an editor of a niche news website, I have found repubHub to be an essential partner, both for providing free, high-quality content for our audience, and for syndicating our original articles for publishing on other sites.  –John Valenzano, President, Hardlight Media

Liberaland is able promote the sharing of our content and provide an even larger network of users for our material through repubHub. Alan Colmes, Liberaland.com

I just love repubHub. As the editor of a 24/7 news blog, I find myself sometimes looking for worthy articles to post. Our readers deserve and demand news that is current, local and interesting. Coming to the rescue every time to fill that need is repubHub.  Bill Cleary, CNB News Editor/Founder 

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