iCopyright Recognized as Top 100 EContent Company for 9th Time

Posted by Andrew Elston on Dec 18, 2014

econtent100winner2014iCopyright is proud to announce that we have been recognized as a Top 100 EContent Company for the 9th time. We hope you will join our network in 2015.

The EContent 100 list is now in its 14th year, and it has not gotten any easier for the judges to narrow down the list to just 100 companies. This year, we had three new judges and lots of new companies to consider. We also included a new category: Big Data. These days, data is the driving force behind almost everything on the web. From the targeted ads you see while surfing your favorite sites to the articles and videos that those sites serve up to you, data is behind it all. The cross-channel experiences we now take for granted are made possible by the data that is collected and analyzed by some of the companies we have honored on this year’s list. We look forward to seeing what new and innovative experiences these companies can help content providers come up with next year.

View from the Top: iCopyright

Since 1998 iCopyright has been helping publishers protect, promote, and monetize digital content on the Web.

The founding vision of iCopyright was to build the copyright platform of the 21st Century, leveraging the power of the Web to distribute content freely and widely while protecting owners’ copyrights. We recognized that sharing content “freely and widely” posed both problems and opportunities, and we resolved to make the reuse and republication of content safe for copyright owners and instant and easy for users.

Since then, we have managed millions of license transactions for thousands of publishers large and small, continually evolving our services to be responsive to the needs of publishers and the expectations of users.

People want to share and reuse the content they value in a variety of ways—online, offline, in whole or in part, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee. Publishers want to profit from their content while ensuring that the integrity of their content and value of their brands are not diminished by reuse. iCopyright created the network where these interests comfortably converge.

In 2014, we launched repubHub®, the syndication and licensing portal where editors, bloggers, and content marketers quickly and easily locate content from across our network and obtain reuse licenses with just a few clicks. Much of this content may be licensed for free with embedded advertising or for modest fees without advertising. Users may subscribe to feeds of content based upon sources and keywords, and receive email notices of fresh content as soon as it’s published. The iCopyright Toolbar plugin for WordPress ingests fresh content directly into the edit module, enabling republication and reuse with just a few clicks.

We’re proud to be recognized as a Top 100 EContent company for the 9th time. We hope you’ll join our network in 2015.